Regulators and dive computers

A dive equipment needs to be maintained to be suitable / safe for diving purposes. Contact your local dive center for maintenance of your equipment is my recommendation. There are competent people out there who maintain their own diving equipment and do it with a goodbye. It is true that with cars some of us can maintain these vehicles themselves but most of us should let a professional handle this. When you do not want to get home from work because the car did not start compared to not getting up from the dive, there is a certain difference. A diving equipment is actually life-sustaining equipment. Some brands recommend service every year every two years or some recommend service after a number of dives, "type 100" dives can be a normal recommendation or which of these two levels comes first. Some dive centers can maintain many brands of diving equipment and others some. Please ask which brands your local center is authorized to. Find the diving center look here.
Choosing a brand to dive with will usually be a simple choice after checking which gadgets your dive center can maintain, if it's the same brand that your local dive center maintains then becomes all the easier in the future.


Yes, the big thief of missing a dive is leakage on Torrdräkten. Simple rule is that all the clothes are leaking the question is only when. Most dive centers can make a dry suit, but only some are authorized for the brand you have chosen. That does not mean they can not fix your suit but check for safety. Some brands have a so-called warranty service that is safe when not in attendance or staying next door to a clothes shop. Then you can get the suit serviced during the warranty period. Some brand has chosen to have more wear parts easily replaceable by the user himself, making it easier for many divers. The only way to know is to ask your local dive center. Even wetsuits may need love sometimes and even can be solved most often. If you are unlucky, the suit must be sent to the manufacturer for repair, but it will last a few weeks so it's not so dangerous.

Pressure testing

The dive bottle must be pressure tested every 5 years or repeated inspection as it is called in the trade language. The usual question is where to test your bottle. Nearly all dive centers and dive clubs provide test pressure. Accept the bottle and sends the test pressure to the nearest location. Unfortunately, there are not so many in our vicinity that are involved in pressure testing, Force in Copenhagen and Halmstad Brandservice are the two closest places around the Sound for proofing. But also Gothenburg, Stockholm, Esbjerg, Falun, Trollhättan have places that carry out repeated checks on the dive bottles. The pricing image is equivalent to around 500-600, - / bottle and counting a few more hundreds if you leave it locally to the one who will provide the shipping and paperwork. Even the size of the bottles can cause the price picture to vary. Some places receive complete double packs and some want them separated without faucets. It is also advisable to provide the crane's crane with a service at the test time of printing that most dive centers offer if you ask. Or a sour gas so you can add oxygen to your Nitrox mixture if you dive with this gas mixture.

A tip try to support your local dive center, though it will cost you some extra money. It will be so much nicer to dive if these small players can continue to be left in our vicinity.