I am a sports diver with home harbor in Öresund. As you may understand, I love to film our environment underneath the surface and share with others. Sometimes it's good movies and sometimes a bit less good, but here we show everything. If we find any film that represents Öresund and is filmed by someone else, I would like to add the link so that you get the best picture possible of our beloved Öresund and good dive sites. Many dive friends tell me about movies they have seen or done. I try to be so brand-neutral I can and will not mention different dive organizations or brands if possible. The place is for anyone who likes to be under the surface or see what it looks like. This is an ideal work without profit, as I do for the love of the Sound alone.


Here comes a fresh report about the value of the fish we have in Öresund. What is the value of Sportfisket and what is the value of Professional fish in kr.

My personal collections from Öresund 2017.

Below is a film generally filmed from the Sound. Photographer is Michael Palmgren who clipped some material old and new from his years as an underwater photographer.

Geographically, the sound of Öresund is the water mass between the Skåne and the Själland coast with the northern boundary of a straight line between the lighthouse of Kullen and Gilleleje and the southern between Falsterbo and the lighthouse on Steven's cliff.
The tunnel is 118 km long and is narrowest 3.5 km wide (between Helsingborg and Helsingør) and 40 km.
Bottom depth varies between approximately 50 meters at Ven and 7-8 meters between Limhamn and Saltholm. This threshold is the biggest obstacle to the salty deepwater waters entering the Baltic Sea.
The surface water stream in the channel is varied but only between southbound, stationary or northbound current. Most commonly, however, is the northern stream, so that broken water from the Baltic Sea flows out towards the Kattegatt via Öresund's surface water.
Oxygen salt often changes very quickly, from hour to hour or from place to place, but the average salinity at the surface varies from 10-12 psu (weightpromille) in southern Öresund to just over 20 psu north of Helsingborg.
However, where Öresund is deeper than 10-15 meters, the bottom lineality is still high, around 30 psu. The number of marine species present is therefore relatively high, about 550 (compared to 52 in Gotland).

WWF.DK tells a little about fishing in our Sound

Unika Öresund

A film about Öresund and Skälderviken filmed by Michael Palmgren in the early 2000s.